Though innovation itself has undergone numerous changes, few areas are still untouched. Benchmarking is one of them, where we at CAPCP evolved few innovative concepts in benchmarking.

Teardown shows

Teardown show is an innovative concept in Automotive benchmarking. where in complete tear down parts are kept on display for customers to look and feel.Tear down shows will be scheduled well in advance so that no customer will miss the opportunity. Scheduling can be done such a way that Customers can come in a groups or team which will improve more confidential discussions.Tailor made tear down shows can be organized as per the customer demand, so that the whole company can visit and make effective analysis.Based on the demand two or more no of vehicles parts will be displayed for quick and comprehensive analysis.

Product library

Once the tear down analysis are completed, we store those parts in a structured manner so that it can be easliy acessed and refered when needed.We at CAPCP, has started adding parts in our libraray for our customer reference. We request our customers to make use of this facility by Hiering the parts as and when you need it on daily, weekly or monthly basis.Customers can visit our library during office hours and take neccessasry reference from the parts.Specific parts can also be arranged from various sources on demand.This facility is available for membership customers only. For further details pl mail us to

ECO marking

ECO marking is another new concept of benchmarking man made items like automotive components against nature, like wild animals, birds, trees.While every one says apple to apple comparision, we have thought out of the box to compare against some things different which are having similarity in various aspects.