Tear down

Tear down is a specialized task in automotive benchmark. Tear down reveals the key componets and features of a vehicle or system, which is required to set target for the new vehicle development. Most of the vehicle manufactures spend lot of resources and time in teardown activities to get the most out of benchmarking activitiy.

We at CAPCP have understood the importance of teardown, which helped us to identify the step by step activities in a teardown. This is calssified as Pre teardown, on teardown and post teardown.

During each step, we have set of parameters to be measured before we proceed to next activity, there by we collect the maximum details while teardown.

Pre tear down

•Vehicle hard points
•Customer touch points
•Weight distribution
•Static performance
•Dynamic performance
•Gap & flushness
•Comfort and safety features assessment
•Labels & special information to customer

On tear down

•Assy and removal simulation
•Tool access
•Special tool requirements
•Critical clearance measurements
•Fastener size
•Tools required to dismantle

Post tear down

• Multi view photos
• Create BOM & Weight analysis
• Overall fasteners variants
• Fluid volume requirements
• Lengths of Harness, tubes, hoes etc..
• Materials type classification
• Manufacturer information's
• Local & import contents
• Cut section or destructive testing

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