Having understood the importance of bench marking, we at CAPCP brings the following benefit to customers.

Timely support

Our experienced technicians & engineers can complete the full benchmark analysis with in the stipulated time, thus our customers will have the ​right information at the right time to plan the development activities.

Cost reduction

Out sourcing of benchmarking and teardown activities brings down significant cost by reducing the over head cost,engineering resources and effective utilization of space.

Resource utilization

On behalf of our customers we provide extensive information about all benchmark vehicles and there by no need to maintain a data base, fleet vehicles, parts storage etc… Separate department for benchmarking and teardown may not be required.

Effective analysis

Our Best-in-Class" Benchmarking techniques and accurate Data Collection methods brings out the best for setting the targets.

Value added services

- Creating a forum for effective discussion and analysis on all benchmark vehicle.
- Avoids repetitive of benchmarking between customers and there by overall cost is reduced.
- Teardown shows for our customers to have a look and feel.
- Comprehensive teardown reports on full vehicle analysis.